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Feb 01


Vincent van Gogh, Irises


Vincent van Gogh, Irises


Apr 27

English Club’s Springtime Collab Poetry!

Thanks to all that came to the meeting today! You’re awesome! Here’s the awesome poem we wrote together! :)

Untitled #1

Maximum Occupancy 77? What a lot of…


I am being choked by an angry fat man.

Will no one help me in my time of need?

Calm yourself down, get on the back of my trusty steed.

Pack your most precious belonging and get ready to speed

We’re going to the moon.

Get outta the way, space monkeys!

This is my galaxy.

Mar 21

Happy World Poetry Day!

What’s your favorite poem?

Moving Picture Institute Internship

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Feb 16


WonderlandPhotographer: Kirsty Mitchell


Photographer: Kirsty Mitchell

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Great Gatsby Video Game -


Ahaha, this is hilarious and freaking awesome.

Feb 09

#JaneAustenAtTheSuperbowl -

Bahaha. Tweeting about Jane Austen is much better than football.


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, a single man in possession of the pigskin must be in want of a touchdown.”

panda-tiger06 said: Could anyone join your club? is there a fee?

Hi panda-tiger06!

Yes, our club is open to all UC Davis students! There is no fee. It is a very laid back, “come as you wish” type of club. Check out our FB page for more info!


English Club Valentine's Scavenger Hunt! -

Mark your calendars! (And RSVP to the FB event!)

Wednesday, February 16 · 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Basement Level of Shields Library

Come join us for some scavenging fun! We’ll be hunting for candy and having a grand ol’ time getting cavities!